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Unattended Install of NCover Collector

Unattended install and registration of Collector can only be accomplished in conjunction with Code Central.

Since NCover Collector can only be licensed through Code Central, the silent registration mechanism does not support licensing by key, only by connecting to the Code Central server.

To deploy NCover Collector via silent install:

  1. Copy or pull from source control, build script, etc. the Collector installer executable (the default location is "C:\Program Files\NCover v4 Collector\") from a valid Collector install to its intended silent copy destination.
  2. Make sure your Code Central server is running.
  3. Open a command prompt.
  4. Navigate to the directory containing the Collector installer exe.
  5. Run the command below to install Collector to the default location:
    NCover.Collector-4.0.exe -i
  6. Run the command below to register Collector through Code Central:
    "C:\Program Files\NCover v4 Collector\NCover.exe" Connect --username=MyUser --password=MyPassword

Once these commands run successfully, you can start the NCover service from the command prompt:
"C:\Program Files\NCover v4 Collector\NCover.exe" server

When the NCover service starts, you should see all your Code Central projects synced to your local Collector.

If you still need technical assistance, we can help:

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