NCover Documentation

Features and Improvements

  • We have a totally updated source code viewer. Files load 5-20x faster than before with 60-80% less memory. You are now able to select code in the viewer.
  • Enhanced ASP.Net code behind coverage. We now group and merge all of the code behind information into one location allowing you to quickly inspect your coverage.
  • Improved merge speed on large files running in up to 50% less time.
  • Adjusted trend report to show the graphs inline with the module or namespace for improved readability.
  • Update the spark line to show spaces if no data was available.
  • Numerous performance improvements.


  • Source code may now be selected in the code viewer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed css issues and removed doctype from xslt so it will not appear in the middle of the page.
  • The signature of internal classes in method signatures is now calculated correctly for internal classes in the same assembly.
  • Method signatures that referenced nested types from other assemblies weren't being created correctly (they only had the name of the nested type, not the fully-qualified name).
  • RDP'ing into a remote machine while NCover was running would close NCover when you disconnected.
  • Fully explicit regular-expression patterns for satisfactory thresholds on modules weren't working because the algorithm didn't test against the correct property.
  • Improved output when the Ncover "bitness" does not match the application "bitness".
  • Fixed size issue on project windows to allow for smaller screens.
  • Fixed issue with Properties in the TreeView. They did not reflect the correct stats if a get or set was excluded.
  • Ignoring the same missing source file twice no longer results in an exception.
  • Fixed random null reference issues in the trend pane with older data.
  • Fixed issue reading NCover 2 files containing illegal Xml characters (obfuscated assemblies).

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