NCover Documentation

Features and Improvements

  • Syntax Highlighting of CLI / C++ source files in NCover Explorer.
  • Better detection of field initializers in .ctors allowing for improved results for the Uncovered Code Sections report.
  • Speed improvements when changing display options in NCover Explorer.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue were we excluded a customer assembly if it started with "System".
  • The treeview stays expanded when you re run coverage.
  • Fixed memory leaks on large coverage files bound to the treeview.
  • Fixed issue with IIS 5.1 where a source file was not associated to a module.
  • .NET 3.5 does not render styles the same as .Net 3.5 sp1. We had an issue with the treeview not displaying on machines with just .NET 3.5.
  • Fixed merge issue when one file contained noop or compiler generates sequence points and the other file did not.

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