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Importing Coverage Data

The Import command is used to import coverage data exported using the NCover Archive or NCover Export commands.

Note: This functionality is for individual coverage files only; importing project and trend files is not supported.


NCover Import --file=<file name> [--project=<project name>]


file name:  file to import
   *.zip - json coverage data
   *.nccov - v3.x XML coverage data
   *.ncprof - pre-instrumented coverage file

 project name:  NCover destination project
  --project=VALUE        NCover project name.
  --file=VALUE           File name to import.
  --build-id, --buildid[=VALUE]
                         Specify a build id to assign to import
  --overwrite            Overwrite existing execution.
  --timeout[=VALUE]      Timeout request after number of seconds

Default Behavior

 --file     Required. If you do not specify a coverage file name, NCover import will return an error.
 --project  Optional. If you do not specify a project name, NCover import will create one based on the coverage file name.

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