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NCover Sync-Disable and Sync-Enable

The Sync-Disable and Sync-Enable commands are run locally from the command line on the individual Collector machine to disable/enable Code Central coverage data syncing.

Using these commands is particularly helpful if you see unsynced data on Collector after coverage is completed. Disabling sync also helps reduce system utilization during the collection process.

Using the commands separates the collection process from the data syncing process, which generally improves profiling performance on the Collector machine.

These commands can be used either to disable/enable syncing for all projects [--all] or for only a single project [--project=project name].

How it works

On Collector, disable syncing to Code Central before coverage collection starts, and then re-enable syncing after tests are completed.

This is done on Collector from the command line, using the syntax described below, and run in this order:

NCover Sync-Disable --all
///  Run your tests
NCover Sync-Enable --all


NCover Sync-Disable [--project=project name] or [--all] 
NCover Sync-Enable [--project=project name] or [--all]


--p, --project[=VALUE] Project to disable sync
--all Whether or not to disable all projects data sync.
--w, --wait-timeout[=VALUE] Wait seconds for sync to complete.

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