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Project Settings

The project Settings tab now offers the choice of whether or not to aggregate data locally on your Code Central, Desktop, or Collector, in order to improve performance.

Disable Local Aggregation

This optimization is most useful for Collectors that will not be used for data browsing. With this option enabled, NCover will not index coverage stats locally, which should improve syncing performance with Code Central.

This setting is specific to each project and each machine.

If the project is created on Code Central, the setting will be pushed out to all connected Collectors/Desktops. However, these settings can always be overridden locally.

NCover Run

Selecting Disable Local Aggregation means that the coverage summary will no longer be generated by default when using the Run command, which is the previous default behavior.

In this scenario, the Run command will fail with the error that "statistics could not be obtained for this project."

To keep the previous default behavior, please include the --summarize parameter in your NCover Run command. Using summarize will ensure that the coverage summary is generated after coverage is collected.

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