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Download the new version here.

Features and Improvements

  • Added branch point count (total / unvisited) to the html report header.
  • The //ias and //eas arguments now correctly handle fully-qualified filenames, e.g. "C:\development\project\debug\program.exe".


  • Two messages in the NCover log that were reported as ERRORs are now reported as MESSAGEs, since in their common case they are not ERRORs. The ERROR case for both is reported as an error.

Bug Fixes

  • Could orphan the NCover process by closing NCover Explorer while NCover was running.
  • Fixed inaccurate documentation.
  • Fixed a bug in Assembly filter matching that required a trailing '*' or '.*' to match an assembly.
  • NCoverExplorer.Console.exe wasn't correctly stripping xml report files to the bare minimum amount of data.
  • Fixed the xsl file used to transform xml reports into html reports. It would not work when the //rdf argument was used.
  • Fixed the xsl file so that the MethodModule and MethodModuleNamespace reports reported functional not symbol data.
  • Covering IIS or a windows service from NCover Explorer would cause an exception.
  • Trend graphs in the trend report now show in IE8.
  • Fixed javascript errors in the FullCoverageReport.

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