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Features and Improvements

  • Added support for .NET 4.0
  • Now possible to cover multiple distinctly-named child processes at the same time.
  • Now possible to cover child processes of a service.
  • Added a new report: SymbolCCByGroup
  • Added support for sending startup arguments to a service. Command Line, MSBuild, NAnt
  • Added support for NUnit 2.5, 2.5.3, and 2.5.5
  • Added support for MSTest 4.0
  • Added support for rebased paths to NCover Reporting. Command Line, MSBuild, NAnt
  • Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2 Core (xcopy deploy only).
  • Added support for Windows 7.
  • Added support to NCover Explorer to run a service and an application at the same time.
  • If NCover Explorer is started when NCover isn't registered, it now lets you launch the registration program and restart NCover Explorer when you're done.
  • The registration program now supports command line only license activation and deactivation
  • Added support for undocumented parameters to the build tasks and to NCover Explorer.
  • Added support (when running an executable) for covering child processes that start outside of the process tree. Command Line, MSBuild, NAnt
  • Added support for covering all child processes without explicitly specifying their executable names. Command Line, MSBuild, NAnt


  • NCover Explorer presents a more informative message if an expired trial key is already on the machine when NCover Explorer starts up.
  • NCover now waits 1 second (down from 60) before deciding that a covered application (or service) will not start. This change helps mitigate NCover's impact on the system when its * environment isn't cleaned up correctly because it was unexpectedly and forcefully shutdown.
  • Deprecated the //h argument on NCover.Console.exe.
  • Updated the way NCE handles project settings and re-worked the project settings screen to support it.
  • Matching coverage file, trend file, and log file paths are now detected. NCover will refuse to run if any of the paths match any of the other paths.

Bug Fixes

  • Using NCover to cover IIS or a service and a normal executable would not work from the NCover.Console command line.
  • Fixed a licensing error that happened when NCoverExplorer.Console was run on a x64 machine after being installed by the x86 installer.
  • The Actipro EULA extension was "hml" instead of "html".
  • Under certain conditions, NCover Console could throw an exception while trying to stop all the dependent services of the service it wanted to cover.
  • NCover v1.5.8 coverage files were incorrectly merging with each other.
  • Fixed class signature for generic classes -- NCover wasn't correctly generating the information that identified the class as generic.
  • Fixed method signatures for generic return and parameter types, in which one or the other or both was a generic class.
  • Fixed console output documentation for NCover Reporting.
  • Fixed the directory path popup to disappear when the field it is for loses focus.
  • NCover Explorer didn't support relative paths in the "Working Directory" field.
  • NCover Explorer was treating rebased paths case-sensitively.
  • NCover Explorer would sometimes crash after closing a coverage file if a rebased path had been removed from the coverage file.
  • When merging, NCover would treat assemblies that differed only in the case of their name as separate assemblies.
  • NCover Explorer didn't save changes to exclusions or inclusions once the "Project Settings" window was closed.
  • The working folder wasn't being kept in sync with the application path even when the "keep in sync" checkbox was checked.
  • Fixed the "ghost" border on the splash screen.
  • Fixed project and settings import from NCoverExplorer 1.4 and earlier.

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