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Merging coverage files is only available in NCover Complete.


NCover.Reporting is the tool to use if you want to merge files on the command line. To merge coverage files using NCover.Reporting, just list all the files on the command line after the call to ncover.reporting.exe, and then use the //s argument to tell NCover.Reporting where to save the merged data.


You can list the individual files

ncover.reporting.exe coverage1.xml files\coverage2.xml //s mergedcoverage.xml

Or, if the files are in the same location and named similarly, you can use patterns

ncover.reporting.exe files*.coverage.xml //s mergedcoverage.xml

Or you can use patterns and list files:

ncover.reporting.exe files*.coverage.xml saved\coverage1.xml coverage2.xml //s mergedcoverage.xml

NCover Explorer

From within NCover Explorer, you can merge coverage files two ways.

  1. When opening a coverage file, you have the option of selecting multiple coverage files instead. NCover Explorer will automatically merge the selected coverage files and open the merged file, which you can then save.
  2. If you want to merge coverage files into a file that you already have opened, then click the "Merge Data" button and select the coverage files. NCover Explorer will open the files and merge their data with the data of the open file. Once the data has been merged, you can saved the merged data as a separate file.

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