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Features and Improvements

  • Added ability to show/hide excluded nodes in the tree view. The default behavior is to remove the nodes from the treeview when they become excluded. You may change this option by right clicking on the treeview and selecting "Show excluded nodes", or you may also go to the "Project Options" and check "Show Excluded Nodes" checkbox located under the project name.
  • Managed C++ now highlights properly.
  • Serialization exceptions (caused by passing the wrong file to various places) are now handled and display an explicit error message.
  • When a project is loaded, there is now an option in the application options to load the last coverage data file that was opened with that project
  • Tweaked functionality of the "Filters" screen in the Project options and the Coverage View options
  • The registration program now lets you specify a proxy server
  • Default theme for 0% coverage nodes is now red text.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some trend bugs. Trends were running in Professional mode, removing all of the Cyclomatic complexity and branch point information. Any Trend file that was used with v3.0.9 should be discarded unless you need those metrics.
  • Visit count tooltips in the source file viewer wouldn't display under certain circumstances.
  • Source code wasn't highlighting with the color in the theme.
  • Sidebar titles in the Full Coverage Report were double html-escaped.
  • Fixed sorting in the Full Coverage Report sidebars.
  • Fixed sorting in the Full Coverage Report main pages.
  • When run on a non-english OS, NCover's help links didn't work.
  • Excluding a property in the tree view now works.
  • Excluding nodes under certain circumstances would cause NCover Explorer to crash.
  • Excluding a class now properly excludes all inner classes. This is supported in the treeview and in the reports.
  • The NCover command line generated by NCover Explorer in the "Generate" window wasn't handling empty include/exclude lists properly.
  • The "Filters" screen wasn't handling wildcards
  • Using a wildcard or regex filter would add extra filters to the collection - one for each element that was excluded.
  • Trying to open a corrupted or non-existent coverage data file no longer crashes NCover Explorer.


  • NCover now removes elements that have no coverage data from the xml coverage file before the file is persisted to disk.
  • Deprecated the "Satisfactory unvisited Seq. Pts." fields in the Project options and the coverage view options (the field is no longer available).
  • Deprecated the "Additional Arguments" field in the Project options (the fields is no longer available).
  • "Print" and "Print Preview" are no longer supported and have been deprecated (last working version was in 2.1.2).

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