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Append Trends

Complete Edition Feature

Appends trend data from the merged coverage files to the specified output path and filename. The file will be created if it does not exist.

//at "c:\dev\source\coverage.trend"

Coverage XML

Write a coverage data file to the given filename.
Default: ".\coverage.xml"

//x "c:\dev\code\coverage.xml"

HTML Report

Complete Edition Feature

Write the 'FullCoverageReport' html report to the given folder.

//h "c:\dev\code\htmlreport.html"

Log File

Write coverage messages to the given log file.
CHANGE FROM 2.1: Messages will not be written unless //ll is used.

//l "c:\code\ncover.log"

Log Level

Specify profiler log level.
Values: "None"[default], "Normal", "Verbose"

//ll Verbose

Project Name

Complete Edition Feature

Provide a project name to display in the html report.
Default: "New Project"

//p "NCover 3"

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