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Create on Code Central

Note: This functionality is only available in NCover Desktop when:

  • You have an instance of Desktop connected to Code Central.

  • You are an admin user in Code Central.

When these conditions are met, you can create projects in Desktop and then save them on Code Central with one click.

Pressing the button will save your settings as a new project on Code Central.

The new project is automatically distributed to all connected Collector and Desktop clients, including the Desktop where it was created, where it will appear wih the same name, but a icon instead of

Either one of the projects can be deleted from the Desktop at this point.

To create a Code Central project without duplicating it on Desktop, see the Save Local section below.

Adding projects using Create on Code Central will not change an existing project, or delete previous versions of the project on Code Central.

You cannot add two projects with the same name to Code Central.

Save Local

Clicking the creates the project on Desktop only, instead of creating the project directly to Code Central.

Use this option for projects that you don't want to be created and automatically synced to other Desktops and Collectors, or to test your project settings before sending them to Code Central for automatic distribution.

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