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Release Notes for NCover 2.0.3

Ever since the release of NCover 2.0.2 in October, we've been working hard (or is that hardly working?) to get NCover 2.0.3 finalized and released. But it wasn't the only project we worked on. Between October and now, we've enhanced the website and started planning NCover 3.0 based on ideas from the community. Somehow we've also managed to cram NCover 2.0.3 with a host of bug fixes, improvements, and minor features, including:

  • The registration program now correctly registers NCover when it is run as a non-administrative user (problem only on Vista).
  • NCover now responds to Ctrl-C when it is run through NCoverExplorer. (Many thanks to the IIS testers who mentioned this wasn't working.)
  • Fixed the //reg switch to permit multiple copies of NCover to run in parallel.
  • Fixed an OutOfMemory exception that sometimes occurred when generating large HTML reports.
  • Fixed some tricky interop issues regarding NCover and NCoverExplorer projects.
  • Sped up HTML report generation in NCover.
  • Fixed highlight color of comments in VB.NET code.
  • NCoverExplorer now correctly reopens merged reports.
  • A status window now appears when generating a report in NCoverExplorer. Helpful for those big reports!
  • NCoverExplorer now correctly sends multiple exclusions to NCover.
  • Fixed the generation of reports through the MSBuild task.
  • Fixed misc. issues with displaying out of date and missing source files in NCoverExplorer.
  • Made some fixes to branch coverage calculations.
  • Greatly enhanced the speed of profiling extremely large methods (such as those created by code generators).

Download NCover 2.0.3, and please don't hesitate to contact our support team by submitting a support ticket if you run into any problems.

If you still need technical assistance, we can help:

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