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NCover.Reporting NAnt Options

NCover.Reporting provides numerous features for reporting on your coverage data.

Build Control

Name Attribute Name Summary
Clear Coverage Filters clearCoverageFilters Clear the existing coverage filters on the view.
Coverage Filters coverageFilters Filters data from thresholds and reports.
Rebase Source File Paths Add a new rebased path. Treats source file paths that begin with [from path] as if they begain with [to path].
Minimum Coverage Thresholds minimumCoverage Fail the build when thresholds are not met.
Use Minimum Coverage satCoverageFromMinCoverage Merge Minimum Coverage thresholds into Satisfactory Coverage Thresholds.
Xml Report Filter reportDataFilter Strip xml report data to the essentials.
Report Invalid Files reportInvalidFiles Report invalid coverage files instead of trying to use them..
Satisfactory Coverage Thresholds satisfactoryCoverage Report elements that don't have enough coverage.
Max Failed to Report maxFailedToShow Controls the number of failed elements reported.

Coverage Reporting

Name Attribute Name Summary
Coverage Data Files coverageDataPaths Input coverage data that will be transformed.
Append Trend to a File coverageTrendPath Creates or appends trend data to a file.
Build Id buildId Specify the build ID for the .
Hide hide Remove elements from reports, while allowing them to affect coverage percentages.
Ignore Failed Builds ignoreFailedBuilds When displaying trend graphs, whether to include or exclude builds with failing tests..
Load Trend from a File loadTrendPath Loads saved trend data to use in a trend report.
Output Path outputPath The default path reports are saved to.
Output Report reports Define a report to create.
Project Name projectName The name of the project the report is for.
Sort By sortBy Sort elements in the reports.
Top Uncovered to Report maxTopUncoveredToReport Controls the number of top uncovered to show in the reports.
Xslt Override Path xsltOverridePath Provide an override Xslt file for the reports..

Merging Coverage Data

Name Attribute Name Summary
Merge Filter Mode mergeFilterMode Determines how to handled the filters of a coverage file during merge operations.
Merged Coverage Data mergeFileName Save the merged input data to a file.
Working Directory workingDirectory Set the working directory.

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